Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Club Penguin Newspaper Review - Issue 247!

The 247 issue of the Club Penguin Times has just been released! Let's go over it...

They biggest headline in this issue is about the Music Jam party! You can read about it on A2 page and A3.

On page A4, they teach us how to start a Conga Line!

This weeks "In Focus" (page B1), they talk about the Ski Village and the Ski Hill/Mountain.

Upcoming Events:

July 9 - New Penguin Mail.
July 15 - New Better Igloos catalog.
July 15 - New instruments available!
July 15 - New pin hidden.
July 23 - Underwater Adventure starts at the Stage.

I can't wait for the new instruments! I wonder what they'll be...


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