Monday, August 30, 2010

Club Penguin Rockhopper Is Closer In View!

The Migrator is getting closer... and it's decked out with decorations for the Fall Fair party!

Rockhopper will land this Thursday!

And remember, when Rockhopper arrives, we will be tracking him with our Rockhopper Tracker!



  1. WOW Im SO EXCITED. in june when he camed i was on for 6 hrs waiting for him. No luck. Hopefully i'll meet him! !!! Im really so excited i hope i dont miss it. Will he be on on other days besides thur?
    Please answer. Lol

  2. hey cna the tree at the mine has grown

  3. i dont know will he have a new background?

  4. I remember when I accidentaly found Rockhopper

  5. I remember when I accidentaly found Rockhopper

  6. Hey do you think he is bringing the tent igloo with him or would it be a prize in the member prize booth? And what do you think the free background is?


  7. i remember when i once logged on a server and wanted to go into the mine so i teleported there and i saw everyone talking about rh and i realised i just accidently met him

  8. OMG! Cena important news at the snow forts there are fair games!
    -Balloon Pop
    -Puffle soaker
    that's it
    have fun everyone!
    Waddle On!