Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Club Penguin Postcards!

Check out the brand new postcards!

WOAH! I like them all! Especially the knuckle touch postcard! xD



  1. credit me new tops in the pics

  2. Cena-Son!
    It's not knuckle touch, it's props 8)
    Where has you been? :P


  3. hey im monkey204 you forgot about the fair coming on september the 3rd yay first coment

  4. Dear Cena12121 speaking of igloo,can we see yours?

  5. hey cena this is the only way i could contact u anyway u should have another party because i realy wanna meet u i have seen lots of pictures of u evan some on other websites i just realy wanna meet u u helped me a lot i first found out about ur website when i was looking for trackers u were the only tracker that worked so i thought u must be good at this so i see ur website every day i just realy wanna meet u so much plz any way thx for listen plz write back