Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rockhopper Coming For The Fall Fair!

Rockhopper's coming back to Club Penguin! Woah, that fast? He was on the island about a month ago. Well it's great to have him back!

He will land next Thursday, just in time for the Fall Fair!

When Rockhopper does arrive, we will be tracking him with our Rockhopper Tracker!



  1. Im excited! cant wait! oh and Cena, when is your next party? im looking forward to it!!


  2. Cena can i make a banner? P.S. i am readser.

  3. Hey Cena im on blogger too why dont you search me up and start following me my name is CpLuverAshley2004 okay that's my thing but if you search up on blogger you might want to search up Rockhopper is coming!!!!

    okay thats what I've made! k