Thursday, September 2, 2010

Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Cheats!

The Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Party has begun!

To earn prizes, play any of the Fall Fair games around the island to win tickets.

Click the ticket button to see how many tickets you have.

Then take your tickets to the prize booths, either at Forest...

...or at the Great Puffle Circus.

You can now buy prizes with your tickets!

Fall Fair Stamps:

Two stamps have been added to our Stamp Books specially for the Fall Fair party! They're the Snack Shack and Target Champion stamps.

Special Fall Fair Party Rooms:

Bonus Game Room:

Go to the Snow Forts, and enter a bonus game room for nonmembers and members!

Great Puffle Circus:

Go to the Forest, and enter Great Puffle Circus pathway.

You're now at the Great Puffle Circus entrance.

Go ahead and enter the circus tent!

You're at the Great Puffle Circus! Pick a puffle act and enjoy the show!

This is all you need to know about the Fall Fair!

It's one of the best parties of the year! What's your thoughts?

Click here to track Rockhopper!



  1. hi Cena!i just wanna say your site rocks!! i never met anyone famous but ill trust your site!


  2. can you tell how to earn the snack shack stamp? plz?????

  3. I Think the Fall Fair is aweseome Cena! You have the best Cp Site ever!

  4. i love the fall fair and it is definitely my favorite party of the year. thanks for the cheats but do you know what the more items in the booths are?

  5. Cena your site rocks

  6. Ya he/she's right!But one thing I'm jewels7650 and I asked to be your buddy once and you said no.Why?But one more thing YOU ROCK!

  7. This site is alsome yes the cheats are cool cick my name for MY WEBSITE!!! (But yours is cooler)

  8. hey cena i just wanted to inform you incase you didnt know but you dont need the magicians things to do the special dance you just need the wand and it will work (you can also put on any item thats not a hand item with the wand to do it)
    -stuart57 (plz give me credit)

  9. The Puffle Circus is hilarious! The bearded puffle is just so cool and funny! Thanks Cena!

  10. i only have to earn the ''SMILE FACE'' stamp in the party catalog!Thanks to your site , once i had a chance to meet RH but it was full :(

  11. i only have to earn the ''SMILE FACE'' stamp in the party catalog!Thanks to your site , once i had a chance to meet RH but it was full :(! i so badly want to see him! but im sure you can help cux you rock Cena!!if u see me on cp , im hinatalma4!

  12. and oh...... umm....... im a girl :D:D!! dont think of me as a girly girl im a tomboy girl!BTW , YOUR SITE STILL ROCKS!!

  13. hey i was wondering if there is a membership room

  14. hey cena. wazzup?? i would really like it if you replied, that would be awesome. could we meet sometime?