Saturday, October 23, 2010

REMINDER: Club Penguin 5th Anniversary Party Tomorrow!

The 5th Anniversary party is out!
Click here for cheats!

The 5th Anniversary party will start on Club Penguin tomorrow, October 23.

I'm reminding you guys because the party is ONE DAY ONLY!

And you don't wanna miss it! Every year, a new one of a kind party hat is release at the party.

Make space in your schedule tomorrow for the 5th Anniversary party!

Note: The party might be released later! Keep checking Club Penguin and here for updates!



  1. I'm SO ready for the 5th Anniversary party!

    I wonder what colors the party hat will be this year... any guesses?


  2. hey cena iam a big fan of i have a blog and i can't wait till the 5th Anniversary party


  3. i think the colors on the hat might be white,yellow or orange

  4. Im so excited! Hmm i thinking it will be green and yellow or Red and yellow.