Thursday, October 28, 2010

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010 Cheats!

The Club Penguin 2010 Halloween Party has started!

Free Item Cheats:

To find the Purple Bat Wings:

Step 1. Go to the Plaza.
Step 2. Find and click on the Purple Bat Wings!

To find the :

Step 1. Go to the Forest.
Step 2. Enter the Haunted House path.
Step 3. Enter the Haunted House.
Step 4. Find and click on the Ghost Costume!

Special Party Rooms:

Go to the Forest and enter the Haunted House pathway to go to the Haunted House.

Go to the Forest and enter the Dark Chamber pathway to go to the Dark Chamber.

Click here for Candy Hunt cheats.
Click here for Dark Chamber cheats.
Click here for Gary tracker.



  1. i already found every thing ill tell you where everything is if you un ban me

  2. cena look inside your igloo it has a thunder background in it


  3. in the newspaper it say that gary will go to the monster makesr place or darck chamber

  4. thank you cena! That was really helpful.

  5. I think the party is AWESOME thx cena12121 your blog is great!! when can the gary tracker work?

  6. Spooktastic Cena!

  7. Hey Cena i found a cheat if you look at the telescope at the cove for 1min it gonna says HAPPY HOLLOWEEN!!! by:Onebeauty123

  8. hey cna
    can i be an author for ur blog because the other ppl dont post at all.

    EDP cool
    also plz check out my blog

  9. Hey Cna sorry I haven't been on lately I've been busy with the horror of school and now when I go on I forget to check ur site anyway im home sick today, reading ur blog seeing how awesome it is btw u should say how when you look through the binoculars at the cove, a bouy will say "boo" or "trick-or-treat" or "happy halloween" Happy Halloween to all and also happy All Saints' Day
    - Ry Mac and RJ