Thursday, October 28, 2010

Club Penguin Halloween Candy Hunt 2010 Cheats!

Here are the 2010 Halloween Candy Hunt cheats!

Click on the Pumpkin Basket button to keep track of your items.

To find the first treat (Chocolate Bar):

Step 1. Go to the Beach.
Step 2. Click on chocolate bar.

To find the second treat (Candy Corn):

Step 1. Go to the Snow Forts.
Step 2. Click on Candy Corn.

To find the third treat (Lolly Pop):

Step 1. Go to the Ice Berg.
Step 2. Click on Lolly Pop.

To find the fourth treat (Pink Bon Bon):

Step 1. Go to the Gift Shop.
Step 2. Click on Pink Bon Bon.

To find the fifth treat:

Step 1. Go to the Pizza Parlor.
Step 2. Click on left pumpkin that's on the Pipe Organ.

To find the sixth treat (Caramel Cube):

Step 1. Go to the Ski Lodge.
Step 2. Click on Caramel Cube.

To find the seventh treat (Caramel Apple):

Step 1. Go to the Plaza.
Step 2. Click on pot of green stew.

To find the last treat, treat eight (Green Candy):

Step 1. Go to the Beacon.
Step 2. Click on green candy.

Congratulations! You've found all of the Candy Hunt items! Now, get your free prize!

Step 1. Click on the Pumpkin Basket button.

Step 2. Click "Claim Your Prize".

You now have the "Candy Forest Path" background!

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  1. hey well i love this website
    and heres some advice when you go into the dark chamber you dnt have to go throw all the trouble to copy the rocks their a red dot on left tree click on it and it will open the doors.

  2. thanks i got the backround