Thursday, November 11, 2010

Billybob Emails Cena12121 Again! Card-Jitsu Water Teaser Video!

Yesterday, Billybob emailed me this short email:

So I went to and... woahhh! What is this?

This is how USED to look like:

But now they've changed it and added this new video:

It's a Card-Jitsu Water teaser video!

I think Club Penguin will soon add a official Card-Jitsu Water video and a new Card-Jitsu Water site design for

Thanks again Billybob and Club Penguin for the email!



  1. Did you notice the colors of the penguins? :D


  2. Whats billybobs email address?????

  3. Awesome cena! Billybob did send that to me too!

    In other news:

    Hi Cena12121:)
    I have noticed another bug on club penguin! When you play dance contest after you play when it asks you would you want to play again. A penguin says an example of text i have put it on three lines not a haiku.Then this comes up in a list: Penguin 500: 99999 comes up!

    -Shill 99

  4. cena i say you oen mammoth! my penguin name is zaclock102. you said help!!!! though.

  5. guys i saw cena on mammoth! but he left he said''HELP!!!'' oh my penguin name is zaclock102 so you must of saw me to.

  6. Sounds sweet! Pretty funny, cause my penguin's color is red and my sister sometimes uses yellow.

  7. Ummmmmmmm. Cena you no that buton where it says train now? well does that still mean the water place isnt open yet? thats sooo confusing

  8. hi cena!! i think tht video is supposed to be a lil bit interesting!!!!!! i mean u do a lot better stuff than tht of course!!so plz tell me what are the cards coming and i just want to say u rock cena ennoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

  9. Hi Cena! Im not lying here, but Billybob sent me that as well! My Club Penguin website isnt even that popular!

  10. Hey Cena! I've friended you on CP! My penguin's name is Lakerkb25. We met at the Underground Pool, remember? Please tell me your email so we can communicate! plz plz plz plz plz plz?!? Thxs so much cna