Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Club Penguin Costume Trunk December 2010 Cheats!

Here's the Ruby and the Ruby 2010 play Costume Trunk catalog cheats!

To find the Dark Detective's Coat:

Step 1. Go to page 5.
Step 2. Click on the door knob.

To find the Noir Background:

Step 1. Go to the back cover of the catalog.
Step 2. Click and drag the box down.

Step 3. Click on the Noir Background.

Click here
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—Cena12121, www.TeamClubPenguinCheats.blogspot.com


  1. Hey cena12121!Your blog is AWESOME!I'm a big fan.You can even check out mine if you want!Just click my name.Also,Did you find out about the stadium glitch?Try going to the icerink.It says loading stadium!


  2. Hey Cena did you know cp took away the secret room? and now tht the ice rink is bac maybe its going to be old cp i cant believe they took away secret room! p.s. u rock im ur biggest fan

  3. uhhh... cena, they've updated the costume trunk and i just CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'VE NOT GOT IT HERE!!!

    I ALWAYS check your site for CP cheats!

  4. i got the jacket and backround