Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elite Agents & Tour Guides Payday - December 2010!

If you're a Elite Agent or a Tour Guide then you got a paycheck today for the month of December 2010!

Elite Agent paycheck:

Tour Guide paycheck:

Thanks Club Penguin for bring back paychecks for Elite Agents! The next paychecks will be sent out next month.

Click here to learn how to become a Elite Agent
Click here to learn how to become a Tour Guide



  1. Finally Club Penguin used my idea!

  2. i have underfind for the date

  3. The Code on the bottom of the EPF one says "Elite Penguin Force" and if you put your mouse on the bottom right of the blue stripe at the top, a code appears and it says "From the office of the Director"

  4. its weird that epf agents didnt get paid earlier

  5. Hi Cena

    Right now if you go to the book room in club penguin,you will notice that if you try to click on the penguin fan art on the wont let you click on it! Oh no!!! I guess club penguin must have to fix this very soon... huh? Please club penguin fix this bug!

  6. There is a code on the bottom and top. It is a bug. Plz gimme' credit.

  7. Hey Cena
    I saw that an anonymous said that somthing says From the office of the Director i was wondering where could this office be and will we find out soon where the directors office is, and there is still the video in the command room...

  8. which is better gameday or herberts revenge