Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rockhopper Gets Closer To Club Penguin!

I was checking the telescope at the Beacon...

...and I saw that the Migrator is closer in view!

Rockhopper will land this next Thursday, December 16.

When Rockhopper does arrive, we will be tracking him with our Rockhopper Tracker!



  1. Cena did you see the beach! And the letter of rockhopper.

  2. I CANT WAIT! why does club penguin shedule the party on like the 15 of Nov. and then "have" the party on like Dec. 16th??

  3. Looks like Rockhopper is ready for Chistmas.... I wonder if he'll have a new background?

  4. where is he where is he

  5. hi today I looked trough the teliscope and I saw rockhoppers ship hes coming very soon I hope I meet him and get his background and his stamp oh ps im dieing to know where he is if you see him and im in the same room and I looked confused tell me hes there PLZ