Saturday, January 8, 2011

Elite Penguin Force Site ATTACKED!

ALERT! ALERT! The Elite Penguin Force website,, has crashed!

According to the message there is a system error with bad and big problems!

We need all agents to be on high alert! I think more attacks are on the way...

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  1. Hey Cena! I cannot wait until some more stamps come out and some new missions if possible!

  2. That's weird. I wonder if it was Herbert or an actuall hacker who did that to the site. But whoever did it I bet Billybob and the others are mad! Also for some reason it's not letting me do Field Ops anymore....

  3. hey cena how did you make ur pictures animated?


  4. whats going on i went to epf hq and there was nothing i think this has too do with a new mission or something with the montain expadition wwhat do you think this is cena12121?

  5. I think that the website was crashed by herbert

  6. hey cna could you please add me beacuase i hardly have friends in cp so it would be cool if you coukd be my friend and then more people will like me and we could begreat friends if you read this comment meet me next week 15/01/11
    on tuxedo at 09:00 am at the snow forts please come thnak you

  7. Hey Cena,
    I think I know what we are up against. The EPF systems show the word UP10K, and I think I deciphered it... I think the robots are returning...
    UP10K... Ultimate Probobot 10000...

  8. Why everyone is talking about herbet? On a ds game EPF herbert's revendge... or what ever it's called and everyone thinks that herbert is still alive! i think that creater just arive on a ANOTHER iceburg and sorta differnt from herbet like.... a guy made a machine and that guy was in danger and he put in the iceburg or something? then the robot was mad? or... there was a ALIEN in the car! looked like a car to me.