Monday, January 10, 2011

Elite Penguin Force's Attackers PICTURE!

Today, Billybob put out a top-secret sneak peek of what's attacking the Elite Penguin Force.

Woah... that looks freaky!

Billybob told us we have a defense plan, but we need to strengthen our numbers and recruit more penguins!

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  1. cena cmon get a life, thats sooo not freaky ITS SUPER FREAKY

    im just kidding about getting a life! you rock!

  2. Hey Cena,
    Talk About How Bad Herbert Is!! But I Mean THAT PIC RIGHT YES THAT ONE!! Is More Frightening That Herbert!! OMG!" I Wonder Why They Are Attacking The EPF HQ What Have We Done Apart From... Destroy His Plan Beating Him! Using His Plan To Try Destroying Us.. But... He Gets Destroyed Him Self!! Ok I Get The Point But Why EPF HQ Cena?

    Your True Fan,

    K1ng p1p xx

  3. i totally agree! my penguin force team is working hard to stop him!!

  4. THAT THING IS SUPER FREAKY!!! Me and my friend thought it was a robot hedgehog/bug! Maybe... Just maybe Herbert is inside that thing and is gonna take over CP with it! Herbert, U GOIN DOWN! Maybe we should lazer it, or nuclear bomb it... Lol! Thx! -Sno

  5. cena epf has been told to aunt artic

  6. hey cna remeber me i was the one that asked you that i dont have friends i am not sure if your coming but if you are this will be great also the day we are going to meet is on the 15/01/11 at 3:00 pst
    on tuxedo at the snow forts my name is cory44943 please come :)if not :( but its alright if you dont come you might be buzy doing something else so thank u

  7. Look like we have a challenge for EPF. Hey, Cena, you should have a page that shows a list of non-member items and how to get them.