Monday, January 24, 2011

New Club Penguin Free Brown Puffle House!

Club Penguin recently added a new prize to the Wilderness Expedition!

You can now get a NEW free Brown Puffle House! Better get it fast! Your brown puffle will love this!

Click here for Wilderness Expedition walkthrough.
Click here to see Cena12121 getting the brown puffle.



  1. thank you for posting my thingy

  2. I just logged on to my penguin and my brown puffle showed up orange. Is this a glitch or do you think it is just my computer? Thanks Cena12121, Potato99221

  3. Hi everybody! Since the Brown Puffle House is free, you can get more then one! I'm having a birthday party for me. here's the details: when: January 29 on Saturday time: 1:30-3:30 where: my iggy on map server: Fjord (Icebox if Fjord is full) host: Candygirl517 WEAR YOUR PARTY HATS!!!! bring your friends! I hope you can all come!!!

  4. cant wait for the bed it will be mega high tech

  5. Check out my website cuz i have a pic of the brown puffle as the orange puffle! Anonymous person is right!

  6. @Potato99221
    Same Thing Happened To Me!
    Brown Showed Up Orange


  7. Atention CP lovers
    1.follow these steps
    2.log onto CP
    3.log onto artic
    4.goto the ice hockey rink
    5.wear blue and orange only blue and orange
    6.dont leave and have fun

  8. lol im goin to candygirls party but my brown puffles orange too its just a glitch well bye from sparkles4401

  9. Hey Cena:) A new EPF Message from Dot! check your spy phone!

  10. Hey Cena i have to tell you something BIG!!!
    YOu can be completely invisible in club penguin without downlounding something all you do is go to the expedition like am...NOW!!! then fish it tell your in the cliff were the machine thing is, then after it's done the clicking the target thing, click the barrel then click mail quikly!!! and you completely invisible

    P.S. you might wanna do it 2 times

  11. 2 things:
    candygirl, why do u want a party? birthdays are like in the outside world dont celebrate with anonymous people!
    2. ok, it depends if your computer system is not working anyway.

  12. Yeah Potato99221, That always Happend to me and it still does.

  13. the same thing happened to me: my brown puffle showed up orange.
    Anyway, I HATE how the brown puffle looks; how it looks different from the other puffles when you click on them. (the rounded "hairs")I think it just looks stupid!!!!>:((

  14. all messaqes back!!!

  15. club penguin party at my iggy it will be on the map tonight go to the server down under my iggy will be on the map at like 7:30ish plz come my name/id is sparkles4401

  16. Brown puffles rebuilt Protobot!

  17. The Anonymous person that's like the 11th comment, I know I there's going to be random people there but it's a PARTY. And besides, I'm not doing the party for the full house party stamps thing because I already HAVE those stamps. Plus, some of you may have seen me on cp because I go on busy servers and make cool iggys!!

    Also, Potato99221 is right, whenever you click your Brown Puffle, on the Player Card for the Brown Puffle it says its the ORANGE PUFFLE!!! The people that work at cp are to busy trying to get ready for parties and stuff, so their not trying to fix bugs and glitches and stuff.

    Ok, I know this has nothing to do with this site, but I was looking at this guy's site ( I'm not going to say it) and I was looking at the posts, and one of them was called: I Chewed Out Billybob. He sent an e-mail to Billybob or someone saying it's not fair because the members are bascially paying them to make a party FOR THEM ONLY. Then he said that at the end of the party, they should open up ALL of the rooms for everybody!!

    P.S. Sorry this was such a long comment :P

  18. my brown puffle came up orange too!and how dow you get a 3house aftr thers no wilderness any more?!

  19. free puffle house in the brown puffle cave awesome