Monday, January 24, 2011

New Club Penguin Field-Ops Cheats - Mission 31!

Here are the cheats for the new Field-Ops mission #31 for the week of January 24, 2011:

Step 1. Go the Command Room and accept the Field-Op.

Step 2. Go to the Forest and walk to the top of the Forest.

Step 3. Puzzle found! Click on the circles to find the right symbol and break the code.

You've finished the Field-Op mission! Here's your medal!

With these medals, you can buy Elite Gear! Each item is worth a certain amount of medals.

Visit us next week for the new Field-Ops cheats!



  1. Cena new brown puffle house in cave

  2. You get a message when you finish the field-opp but you cant ever view it again.

  3. OMG!!! I'm sure Herbert is behind all this! After doing this field-op you get a message and I read it and I'm now 100% sure that it's Herbert who re-built Ultimate-Pro-Bot!!!

  4. hey cena i thought that u could put this in ur glitch list..
    When i clicked on my brown puffle, instead of brown, it was orange!!!

  5. Cena Do You Know Who Re-Bulit The Ultimate Protobot? If So, Please Tell Me! :) :) :) :)

  6. Cna i got the brown puffle but when i click on it when its in my igloo it is orange. I think thats a bad glitch

  7. Cna, i think the brown puffles built Ultimate-pro-bot!
    They like building stuff.


  8. CNA!do you remember the machine on the cliff?the brown puffles made it right?well, i am pretty sure the brown puffles may be evil.dont you get it!the brown puffle rebuilt the ultimate proto bot!

  9. OMG OMG OMG!!!! HERBERT?! WHY is he doing all this stuff to "attack the epf"? He knows we will destroy him (we do to).Can he just get aHOLD of him self??? Its so weird. Its just gonna be "I have the most powerfull thing to destroy you penguins" and we all know we'll destroy it. It takes like 1 minute to "destroy" him! (dont forget your secret message at theend of the field op. C ya peeps

    -thu man

  10. i went to the dock but theres no wilderness sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!