Thursday, February 17, 2011

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2011 Cheats!

The Club Penguin 2011 Puffle Party has started! It's filled with awesomeness everywhere! Here's the free item cheats.

To find the Blue Puffle Hat:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Plaza.
Step 2. Click on the free Blue Puffle Hat box.

To find the Striped Puffle Jacket:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Ski Village.
Step 2. Enter the Puffle Show room.
Step 3. Click on the free Striped Puffle Jacket box.


Rooftop: Members, go to the Dance Club, go upstairs to the Dance Lounge and enter the elevator to go to the Rooftop!

Rumor has it that DJ Cadence is hanging out around here! Click here to go to our Cadence tracker.

Puffle Feeding: Members and non-members, head to the Snow Forts and enter the pathway to play the Puffle Feeding game now!

Throw O-Berries at the puffles feed them.

Puffle Show: Members can enter the Puffle Show room right now! Go to the Ski Village and enter the tent.

Here, your puffles can interact with different stations! Here's how to make your puffle play at the Puffle Show room.

Step 1. Go to your igloo and get your puffle.
Step 2. Go to the Puffle Show room.
Step 3. With your puffle, walk up to any station. Your puffle will now be playing!

There are three stations. The first station is a puffle race!

With your puffle, go up to the "Start" sign, and your puffle enter the race!

Station number two is the "Judging Station". Walk up to the Judging Station and your puffle will be now judging the Puffle Race.

The final station is "Puffle Grooming" area! Here, your puffle can get a new hair-do!


If you have your puffle with you, all the balloons change to your puffle's color!

The menu at the Dance Lounge restaurant changes every 5 minutes!

Each puffle has their own room! Here's all the puffle rooms:

Brown Puffle- Dance Lounge
Orange Puffle- Box Dimension
White Puffle- Underground Cave
Red Puffle- Cove
Blue Puffle- Forest
Green Puffle- The Beacon
Yellow Puffle- Lighthouse
Purple Puffle- Night Club
Pink Puffle- Ice Berg
Black Puffle- Underground Pool

That's all you need to know about the Puffle Party 2011! I think it's G-R-E-A-T! And there's so many great rooms! Which is your favorite?

Click here for DJ Cadence tracker.



  1. Oh, I LOVE the Lighthouse! It's decorated for the Yellow Puffle!

    P.S. Yo forgot to mention... BROWN PUFFLES IN THE PET SHOP!!!!

  2. cool thanks cena12121 this is my favorite web site for cp cheats

  3. My fave puffle is the brown puffle! Because it's very cut and smart. Mamamario19-my Club Penguin account.

  4. my favourite pufle is the brown puffle! Because its very cute and extremely intelligent! :)

  5. i like the cove because it is cool the way to lanch the red puffke

  6. i wish that you never had to be a member it is so anoying

  7. I wosh that I could Meet Cadence.

  8. I wosh that I could Meet Cadence.

  9. cool you can get a puffle cap

  10. i LOVE the black puffle room its so cool because you can close the windows and they light up!
    Im Saelbr3

  11. I like the back puffle

  12. Hey Cena! Are you mad about the map glitch when your try to find Dj Cadence??

  13. i sall billybob at the iceberg it
    was nothing obout
    this even know peopole think billybobs
    the moderator u might not know that

  14. i like the cove because the red puffle is my favorite im marcusbolt12 on cp

  15. I would say the brown puffle's room is the best. That and the white puffle's room.

  16. i luv the underground pool its made for black puffles and it has cool music

  17. BROWN PUFFLE room!!!!!!

  18. i love the lighthouse its decorateed with the yellow puffle

  19. ummm can we be friends on cp and ill show you a green puffle pin ok my name is lorna10

  20. This has nothing to do with the puffle party but when I beat Kluzy on System Defender and tried to play it again, it came up as the ultimate protobot one but with the Kluzy pathways.

  21. Hi CNA!
    There is going to be a violet puffle next year so i'm excited!

  22. cena, are you a girl?

  23. my favorite is the forest because blue is my fav color!!!

  24. hey cena! i was hangin out in the brown puffle room (dance lounge) and did you know every 5 mins the theme changes? it has 3 themes.. coffe, pizza, and dessert! i thought it was pretty cool :P

  25. my fav is dance lounge its decorated for brown puffles

  26. Cna meet at Flippers pet shop and be my buddy

  27. the puffle party just ended but theres consrution in the pet shop

  28. i loved that event