Friday, February 11, 2011

New EPF Message: February 10, 2011!

Elite Agents: You've received a new message from your Elite Spy Phone!

It's from Dot, and she says...

"Everyone get to HQ immediately! We're under attack! I'm detecting multiple enemy signals in System Defender - let's move!"

That's right! There's a new new System Defender mission, click here to read about it.



  1. How come there is no link on 'click here'!

  2. Dude! The emergency thing on System Defender is so HARD!!! I've been trying to finish it for like 3hours!! I sent an e-mail to club penguin and I said it was to hard!

  3. Hey cena I am a penguin which have deafeted the system defender. You must take 4 red canons on the 4 first sockets and the rest you must take orange cannons. No problem! :)

  4. Cena theres a new message from herbert! i think you might need to read it...

  5. Cena, there is a new message from Herbert on the Spy Phone. Please give me credit for this.

  6. I finished system defender when I first got the message!And there is no link when you say "click here to read about it"!