Friday, February 4, 2011

New Club Penguin Field-Ops Cheats - Mission 32!

Here are the cheats for the new Field-Ops mission #32 for the week of February 4, 2011:

Step 1. Go the Command Room and accept the Field-Op.

Step 2. Go to the Dance Club and walk to the left of the DJ Table.

Step 3. Puzzle found! Lead the bot to the red circles by entering the directions. You have 5 chances to press the go button.

You've finished the Field-Op mission! Here's your medal!

With these medals, you can buy Elite Gear! Each item is worth a certain amount of medals.

Visit us next week for the new Field-Ops cheats!



  1. I finished this field op before U even posted it



  2. hey cena im just sayin they made a new series, series 12 -Edgwe

  3. cena i love your sight can u pleas pleas pleas pleas go on my blog and leav a comment on all of them and if u post this i will give you a giant penguin cheat thank you


  4. HEY MIRA?
    I finished it RIGHT when it came out!
    It's to easy.

    -Thu man