Saturday, February 26, 2011

New System Defender Klutzy Level!

ATTENTION ELITE AGENTS! The Elite Penguin Force system is under attack! Head to the System Defender station immediately to play this new level!

Klutzy is attacking us! And the weird this is that he thinks he's playing a arcade game on Hebert's computer! LOL!

This level is 54% out of 100% difficult, not too bad. The best part about it is that it's for nonmembers too!

After you complete the level, you get this "Klutzy Attack" stamp.

Good luck!

Click here for System Defender cheats.



  1. Klutzy really thinks its a computer game? but hes wrong

  2. I always get stuck where the red boss comes out and theres like 15 underneath him!!! helppp!!!!!!

  3. Hi it's Diddy41! (Your biggest fan)I thought this level was fun! But were fighting the Director next! Epic!

  4. lol I like how Klutzy does all the emotes.

  5. Do you know this weird glitch? I played system defender, I beat Klutzy, and I did'nt get the stamp! And then, I went to play Card Jitsu Fire, and I won 1st place, and guess what i got? The Klutzy stamp!

  6. HAHAHA!! Fun Game. Need more stamps though. :(

  7. HAHAHA!! Fun Game. Need more stamps though. :(

  8. Dear Cena12121,

    I'm checking the EPF advanced training class, but I don't see Klutzy. Can you help me?!