Thursday, March 10, 2011

Club Penguin Bean Counters Update!

The Bean Counters game got a huge update today! Club Penguin made a new start screen, new instructions page, and even updated the look of the game.

I think the new updates are awesome. The graphics are insanely cool! Head to the Coffee Shop to check out the new updates for yourself!



  1. cena!!!!!!!, i still cant get on cp and i am really sad, i miss playing games and finding stamps so please HELP FIGURE OUT THIS STUPID BUG....... thanks, your blog rocks:)

  2. Hey Cena! Greenplaid9 here!

    so im decorating my igloo with those cool lawn gnomes when i went to my inventory to see it says -1 so i clicked and got a free gnome! and its still going! same with the marshmallows!

  3. Oh cena u forgot the new catalog secrets they are; The page with the candy furniture the secrets are the cherry on the mint icecream chair, and the inside hola of the donut chair. On the naxt page the secrets are the cloud on the pot of gold and the inside of the well.

  4. Hey cena, if you hover over the corner of the bag on the title screen of bean counters some candy falls out, click the candy and there is a candy level!

  5. yo cena was up click on the crease on the java bean game then these jelly beans wil come out till the last one comes out click on top of the jelly beans and u get to play jelly bean mode it so sick get liked this cheat> =)

  6. There are secret candy levels in the new Bean Counters. Click the line under the corner on the firt bag of java beans. Now wait for the jelly beans to finish spilling out. When their done spilling out, click the pile of jelly beans. Then three levels will come. Hard is actually pretty easy.

  7. Hey @$hoka09 here!!

    I love ur site Cna!! Ur the best!! I haven't been on cp but i need 2 so badly!!
    I really want 2 c u but I can't go on!
    ( sad face :( )