Saturday, March 12, 2011

Club Penguin On TV! Get Connected - Puffles!

If you watch the Disney Channel, you've probably seen this "Get Connected" clip featuring Club Penguin:

Sweeeeet! In the clip, they talk to Jessika, who really is a Club Penguin animator! They discuss puffles, and Jessika reveals a big secret... puffles are soon getting a new accessory, hats!

Super cool! I can't wait! But when hats will be released is still top secret!



  1. hey cenaa if u dont mind i went on clubpnguin and i wanted to put a banner for my website and i dont know how to put it on the side. since you have it, can you tell me how , that would be great !

  2. Hey Cena!

    Doesn´t the new accessorys make them look like Bouncer and Flit from the EPF?

  3. Happy77 isnt her happys name is Rachel.

  4. Happy77 said on her youtube channel that it isn't her in the video, that's a puffle animater named jessika