Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2011 Cheats!

There's a Easter Egg Hunt on Club Penguin right now!

Click on the egg button to keep track of your items.

Here's how to find all the Scavenger Hunt items:

To find the first egg (Star Egg):

Step 1. Go to the Dojo.
Step 2. Click on the plant.

To find the second egg (Water Egg):

Step 1. Go to the Dock.
Step 2. Click on the blue rock.

To find the third egg (Cart Surfer Egg):

Step 1. Go to the Forest.

To find the fourth egg (Ninja Egg):

Step 1. Go to the Underground Pool.
Step 2. Click on the lifeguard chair.

To find the fifth egg (Present Egg):

Step 1. Go to the Mine Shack.

To find the sixth egg (Fish Egg):

Step 1. Go to the Lodge Attic.

To find the seventh egg (Snow Egg):

Step 1. Go to the Mountain.

To find the eighth egg (Light bulb Egg):

Step 1. Go to the Snow Forts.

Congratulations! You've found all of the Scavenger Hunt items! Now, get your free prize!

Click on the egg button, and click "Claim Your Prize".

You got the Safari Park Background!

That's all the cheats for the Egg Hunt! I wish the prize could've been something other than a background, right?



  1. hey cna have you seen the new bean counters jelly beans level if you have then ok if not go to the newspaper and go to the secrets box and it will tell you how i have played its kind of difficult but cool i think when the stamps will be on that too well see you at the party
    p.s- iif you see me please add me your awsome

  2. Hey Cena, your a CELIBRETY to me. When I saw you yesturday on the ice berg, at Marshmellow, I thought that Rookie just came to the ice berg! Lots of people knew you, and I would really like if you would add me. My penguin name is Tamiyami, and I will ALWAYS be on big foot unless theres a party or something. and my igloo will be open.

  3. Hey cna! U rox!

  4. Thank you! cool background.Cheers
    M835 (My penguin account)