Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New EPF Message: April 20, 2011!

Elite Agents: You've received a new message on your Elite Spy Phone!

It's from Herbert, and he says...

"So you know Protobot's plan eh? The plan I'd have to be CRAZY to support? You Environment Protecting Fools better keep an eye on the trees. "

Looks like Herbert read Rookie's message. I'm curios to see exactly what they're going to do though. We'll find out tomorrow!



  1. "The plan i'd have to be CRAZY to support"

    Seems like Herbet's reluctant about going through with this. >.> <.<

  2. why retype the message under the picture of the real message. I mean we can all see it plus when u type it its in smaller print! NOT HATING