Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Club Penguin Field-Ops Cheats - Mission 41!

Here are the cheats for the new Field-Ops mission #41 for April 20, 2011:

Step 1. Go the Command Room and accept the Field-Op.

Step 2. Go to the Dock and walk to the area circled below.

Step 3. Puzzle found! All you have to do is to follow the arrows - but don't be fooled, you have to move quick!

You've finished the Field-Op mission! Here's your medal!

With these medals, you can buy Elite Gear! Each item is worth a certain amount of medals.

Visit us next week for the new Field-Ops cheats!



  1. that scavenger hunt was kinda easy to me

  2. This Field Op is impossible so far. I figured out all of the new ones which are harder, but this one is killer. Any tips??? Does anybody know somebody that really completed this one??? THX!

  3. Cena, you've got to see this. This is urgent. Come to my blog.

  4. I've done the new field opp it's kinda simple

  5. Yeah, I can't get this Field-Op either. I think they've been trying to make them harder and harder but this one is nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

  6. @Anonymous You just gotta get lucky. Don't concentrate so hard on how fast it's going- JUST TRY. I found it really hard to, but when I loosened up and didn't concentrate on how fast it was going, I beat it! Just try (:

  7. you're right that one was REALLY hard