Thursday, April 14, 2011

Club Penguin "Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed" Play Cheats

The "Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed" play is back at the Stage!

Before you enter the Stage, you get zapped and shrink!

Now you're the size of a bug! Explore the new play.

In the play, there is places marked with circles on the ground. Stand on the circles to make a object move!

Yes, there's a hidden room in this play! Here's how to get in:

Step 1. Get penguins to stand on the group of the five circles. ATLEAST ONE PENGUIN HAS TO BE WEARING A BUG COSTUME! You can get one in the stage catalog.

A passageway will now open. Enter the underground room!

In this room, you can even get a hidden pin!

Here's how to find the Quartz pin:

Step 1. Go to the underground room.
Step 2. Get penguins to stand on the group of the six circles.

The Quartz pin will appear, get it!

That's all the cheats there is for this play, have fun!

Click here for the new "Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed" catalog cheats.



  1. Hey! thanks for the advice. it took so long getting penguins to stand on the circles though! some didn't even stand on the circles. well, right now i just got the pin. i wouldn't have found it without this website! thanks very much and happy waddling! :)

  2. Oh, and my friends and i play club penguin. i would be honored to meet anyone on there. you can usually find me on big surf or abominable. i like singin' at the lighthouse and chillin with my buddies at the forest. my name is Safety Pal11. if you can't find me on abominable and forest on those 2 servers, i would most likely be on my favorite server "Parka". also check the town just in case im looking for a party! i'll be on earlier and be on more later on , saturday, rarely friday,. i can now be found in the stage because i just LOVE new plays! Don't you? (I'm a member boy and the name's Safety Pal11)

  3. It's me again. i wanna say thank you again . bye