Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Real Life Billybob Dresses as a Knight! Video!

Look at this new video posted on Club Penguin worker, Happy77's, YouTube page! It's shows Billybob (the owner and creator of Club Penguin) dressed up as a knight preparing for the Medieval party:

Haha I absolutely LOVE this funny video! It's very cool for Club Penguin workers to make these extra video projects. This video is filmed in the huge Club Penguin office, and shows some cool rooms like Billybob's real work office and the Club Penguin staff break room.

Thanks Billybob, Happy77, and the Club Penguin team for taking your time to make this awesome video!

The Medieval party starts tomorrow May 19, 2011.



  1. Billybob Is Using A Mac! Thanks For Tweeting That On Twitter!

  2. wow, mammamiyya!!!!!!!!
    Billybob is so cool!!!!
    he does the most amazing things!!!
    just like u Cena.
    thx for showing Billybob's real life vedio.
    u both rock!!

  3. Dear Cena,
    do u think tht club penguien might get a new type of puffle?

  4. Dear Cena,
    hav u found out tht there is a rainbow puffle?
    its cool.
    but it has to be unlocked!
    tht is a problem!
    i just found out about it, so im tellin u!
    yours truley,

  5. hahaha it says 20-28 here but in club penguin login screen it says 20-29 lol

  6. Cena you have a typo you put shoes instead of shows. Just wanted to let you know that.


  7. Or maybe he is picking out his costume for the party!


  8. Lol, I liked that video too. Also, you spelt shows at shoes :P

  9. Cena help!!! I heard someone that a "rainbow puffle exsist on Club Penguin, but it must be unlocked before you can access it"

    Cena, knowing you, if ANYONE can find and unlock the rainbow puffle (if its real) YOU can! Thanks!!!

  10. rainbow puffles are not real you can not unlock them and the people that said it are liers -.-