Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Club Penguin June 2011 Upcoming Events!

Here's a sneak peek for some June 2011 upcoming events!

Cool! I think I got this sneak peek figured out...

Picture #1: It's the Penguin Band... with new looks and outfits!
Picture #2: This is a music speaker for the Music Jam party!
Picture #3: The Dojo? What can this be for? I've heard of some rumors of a new Card-Jitsu class...

Looks like this month is going to rock and roll! Haha, you get it? "Rock and roll", for the Music Jam party? Hehe. xD

REMEMBER: Some epic tracking is going to take place here for the many mascots that will be making appearances at the Music Jam party!



  1. Perhaps The snow dojo is on pic 3.Becouse It's on a mountain.

  2. The dojo?! Well i think it will br card jutsu-snow
    Cena12121 i am hosting a party but evrey time i host a party no one comes so can you tell people to come i will give you big credit

  3. what i think is simple a new ninja catalog because every new card jitsu game comes out in November so why would it come out now?????? think about it.

  4. dear cena12121,
    hey pal! its me! hope6320!
    do u remember?
    just wanted to thank u again.

    with best wishes,

  5. isnt it cool! i want to know everything like , will DJ cadence come? is this the event i finally see cadence?(maybe not)

    I really am looking forward to this because im sure there will be some stamps and i really really really want to meet DJ cadence!!! part of this is because it is for stamp. and the other half is for her background.

    Cena , is ur tracker going to work? i sure hope so!


  6. oh i just cant wait!!! is this ever going to come? i just cant cant cant cant cant wait!!!! i bet it will be cool!!!!

  7. #3 is a snow card jitsu......i have heard rumers about a snow card jit su