Thursday, June 23, 2011

DJ3K Updates! Create Your Own Songs!

Today the DJ3K game has gone through some serous updates! You can find this game at the Night Club.

To start the game, choose a track. When you start, you'll notice this new "Record" box.

You can actually record the songs you make and save them!

Note only that, you can play your songs at your igloo!

How cool is that?! MEGA COOL I TELL YOU!



  1. It's really cool! :D

  2. Can it work for non-members?

    Oh, and hey Cena, I found a glitch, when i tried to play cp in ( it just took me to miniclip! Do you know this glitch?

  3. Just to be technical those records have been there for quite a few months. There not that new.

  4. Hi everyone!
    This is Super-mega-clubpenguin-sick-sweet-rad! it's so cool how you can save your mixes and play them in your igloo!

    Oh and Cena, Adventure Party is coming! I'll check when!
    Your Music Jam Cheats are really cool!
    Your BIGGEST fan;