Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy77's Music Jam Video! Hidden Secrets!

Happy77 posted a new video on her YouTube channel! It's a song that the Club Penguin team put together by making a whole bunch of different sounds and combining them. Check it out.

And yet again... another fantastic video by the Club Penguin team! I appreciate all the time they took to make it.

But when I was watching the video, I noticed some things.

Hey... we haven't seen this in the DJ3K game? Is it a future update?

It's the Penguin Band with their new look!

Nice Puffle Launch shirt! This person might of been one of the game's creators!

Look! It's Billybob!

The Music Jam party starts Friday June 17, 2011.



  1. LOL,i love the vid CNA,maybe i might get that puffle launch shirt.Cya later!

  2. I think the red circle in the new dj3k game is a record button

  3. Cna i have not notice the thing because i cant play games or get to my igloo or get to the ice berg!!!

  4. 37 secs there is a ipad and the crab

  5. Cena12121, are only Cadence and penguin band coming, or are Gary and Aunt Arctic coming too?

  6. Luigi Bro2,i think they are not coming,Gary mostly doesn't like HUGE crowds in the party,and not interested.And Aunt Arctic is too busy making a new newspaper when the party starts.You get to meet her in Penguin Play Awards.But i can't wait for the music jam party!Can you to?CNA also i loved the video!LOL,PEACE!