Saturday, June 11, 2011

Club Penguin Parent Update - June 2011

Club Penguin has sent out the monthly "Parent Update" emails for June 2011. The email says:

Dear Parent,

It's a challenge every parent faces: how to keep your child busy and entertained on holidays. If time on the computer is in the forecast, now's a great time to talk about how to stay safe online. Read on for tips to start the conversation, and ideas on how you and your child can have fun offline too!

Keeping Kids Safe
Everything we do at Club Penguin is about fun for kids and peace of mind for parents. Word filters block inappropriate comments, while our moderators are online 7 days a week, in 4 languages to make sure players have a safe and fun time online. Learn more about Player Safety.

Safety Begins at Home
When it comes to keeping kids safe online, nothing can replace you. Here are some tips to share with your child:
1. Never share personal information.
2. Tell a trusted adult if anyone does or says anything online that makes you feel uncomfortable.
3. Visit websites with trusted safety partners.

Musical Fun
Making music is a great way for children to express themselves. At Club Penguin's annual Music Jam festival your child can rock out on stage, or join a conga at our Casa Fiesta. Take the fun offline and join your child for a game of Lyric DJ or create a Casa Fiesta Feast for the whole family.

A Special Gift
Has your child been saving their virtual coins for something special? Help them out with this JUNNLR11 Coin Code. Click here and have your child login. Then, click 'I have a code' and enter: JUNNLR11

Awesome! Thanks for the free 500 coin code Club Penguin! Everyone can use it, so go ahead and redeem it for yourself!



  1. Hey CNA,thanks for the code.This is an awesome web site.=D Psst..when are you going to put the page updates? Waddle on!

  2. Your welcome for the code! I've already begun to update some pages. I updated the missions page yesterday. I will update more this summer.


  3. Hey cina let me start of by saying I love your site and I have a little question for you. Are you a boy or a girl? PLEASE respond. Thanks!

  4. Hi can I join your blog please.

  5. Cena12121,
    I want to give you a compliment on how great your site is. It is my ONLY source for CP cheats. You are amazing.~Arceus4253

  6. dear cena12121,

    hav u noticed tht in this party there r no events stamps!!
    but usually there allways r!!
    this is strange!!!!

    with best wishes,

  7. cena how come i can never find the band on your tracker
    im beepheat

  8. this is a cool blog. I just discovered it while trying to figure out how to get club penguin back. too bad i might not even be able to use these tips and tricks cuz the sight is down.

  9. wow i am AMAZED that the code was real but thanks a lot for giving it it helped me out. 500 more coins that i didnt have before

  10. o the code was just codes man i thought it would be those codes were you unlock things from the treasure book

  11. man i thought the code was a code for treasure book just coin code pffff

  12. No, i wanted it to be card-jitsu card :(