Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cream Soda Adventure Hunt Cheats!

Earn the new Music Maestro stamp during this Cream Soda adventure hunt.

The Adventure party is awesome! But there's a problem... Rockhopper's cream soda is missing! We need to solve this mission.

To begin, go to the Pizza Parlor. Click the note.

It says you need to go to the Migrator!

Go to the Migrator Ship Hold. Click on the note.

You won a free Eye Patch pin!

Read the note and go to the Iceberg. Throw three snowballs at the squid.

The squid will give you a free Telescope and another note.

Read the note and go to the Dock. Oh no! The ship was destroyed! You need to rebuild it.

Once you fixed it, the boat with give you the free Tropical Feather and a note.

Read the note and go to the Treefort. You to need to imitate the birds with the drums. Click the drums in this order:

Round 1: Yellow, blue, and then the yellow drum.
Round 2: Yellow, blue, yellow, and then the orange drum.
Round 3: Yellow, blue, yellow, orange, and then the red drum.

Once done, you'll the the new Music Maestro stamp...

...the free Old Key!

Read the note and go to the Cove. Put the Construction Hat on your penguin then drill on the "X".

You've found the cream sodas and won a free Continental hat!

Read the thank-you letter from Rockhopper.

Congratulation! Challenge done!

Click here for Island Adventure party cheats.
Click here to track Rockhopper.



  1. I can't get the stamp. Is it because i finish the adventure before the stamp is release? Or is it a bug?

  2. Hmm,how did Rockhopper leave a note there with the cream soda when he didn't know where it was? I have a feeling that RH was responsible! XD

  3. thank you for showing us the cream soda adventure i used this tracker for it

  4. This worked so well for me. I daily check this site for updates. This is a great help! Thank you so so so much!!!

  5. did rockhopper know were his cream soda was or what?

  6. where do you through the snowballs?