Friday, July 8, 2011

July Developer Update & Music Video!

Club Penguin has posted some updates for us about future events on the What's New blog:

New Igloo Items - The Club Penguin team is just about to finish the latest igloo catalog. It will be releases next Thursday, July 14.

Bug Squashing - They are working to fix the orange penguin bug that's appearing for some people when you log in. It will be fixed in the next few weeks.

Beta Team Game Testing - Club Penguin will is releasing some brand new game prototypes on Beta Team this weekend! Click here to read more on the Beta Team.

Online Celebrations - Happy77 has been making surprise appearances lately on Club penguin and the team filmed some of the action! Check out this official music video for "Better Days," the Penguin Band's new theme song:

Awesome! I see some of my friends in that music video. Thanks Club Penguin for the updates.



  1. Thats a nice video about clubpenguin!

  2. CENA maybe you can put a happy77 trcker and a billy bob tacker because i know EVERYBODY want's to make it.(give me credit)

  3. Woa GREAT Site Cna! I just met Jaxtery and i thought He was You!
    XD.I own a cp site too! But this is one of my favourites! I hope to come as good as you dude!
    Waddle On!

  4. Lol, thats pretty cool Cena12121, I can't wait for the new Cataloge's coming soon, im gonna get in my adventure clothes when the party starts and mabey get my band to be an adventure band for the party!!! Waddle On Cena12121, Luigi Bro2-Over and out!