Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beta Team: New Chat System Testing!

There's a new feature on the Beta Team site. It's not a game, something different. It's called "Test Server". And you really get to... test servers! LOL!

It looks like same as the Club Penguin play screen and you login with your regular penguin.

But here's what we're testing, a new chat system!

Cool! There are over new 300,000 phrases that safe chat penguins can now use! EPIC!



  1. hey guys, this is doodlehead. i just wanted to say hey, and tell u i cant make a visit this party. see ya next pty tho! if u wanna say somethin to me just comment here. I luv ya all!

  2. Hey Cena, I LOVE the new test server, have you been on it lately, I go on the server Beta Team Englist 1 alot.


  3. IT'S NOT WORKING!!! Can you help, Cena? Pleeeaassseeeee