Sunday, August 21, 2011

Card-Jitsu Handbook Coming Soon!

There's a new Club Penguin book coming to stores! It's the Card-Jitsu Handbook.

Description: Card-Jitsu is a popular virtual card game on Club Penguin where penguins compete in order to achieve their ninja belt and receive access to secret "ninjas-only" rooms on the site. This in-depth Card-Jitsu strategy guide is perfect for every Club Penguin fan!
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Pages: 80 pages
Author: Katherine Noll
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)

Cool. This book will hit stores on September 15, 2011.

But why spend money on that when you have us? Hehe...

Click here for our Card-Jitsu guide.
Click here for our Card-Jitsu Fire guide.
Click here for our Card-Jitsu Water guide.



  1. Look Good Lol But Im Not Spending My Money XD We Have Cena :-)

  2. HEY cena its me Penguin Aaron1r2 and heres a little update for your blog. The penguin home page is completely changed! Also instead of a secret agent behind the lighthouse THERE IS A CERTAIN POLAR BEAR! Judging from your previous stories on this theory i think you might be right! Also all of the famous penguin are on the screen too. Mayby we might be able to get all of there autographs!

  3. Lols Cena well put. Why spend $$ on that when u have us.

  4. dear cena:dude its cool as! but your cheats can help people thta cant afford the books to actually get the codes there! awesome! i wanna be like you one day:)-trubles1!