Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Director's Operation Hibernation Checklist!

You might of noticed a message from the Director in the 304th issue of the Club Penguin times. Well did you also know there's a hidden message? To find it, click the EPF logo.

Message found! It reads...


Agents! The Comm App is still not secure
Here are you orders for the upcoming operation:

Step 1. Track Herbert's location
Step 2. Blast locations with cold air (should put him into hibernation)
Step 3. Infiltrate Herbert's lair
Step 4. Capture Herbert once and for all
—The Director"

Thanks for the message Director, that made things a lot more clearer. So that's way there's a AC 3000 at the Ski Village; to make it colder so Herbert hibernates faster!

Very smart Director. Our next step starts during the Great Snow Race party... find and enter Herbert's house! Click here to watch a sneak peek video.



  1. Hello Cena!

    Pingu17174 here!

    Cena I have a question for you
    Who are we going to be tracking
    at this party?


  2. Hey Cena,

    Look at the EPF Announcement Photo!

    There is a typo, it is supposed to be announcement
    not announcment! LOL!


  3. Only pregnant female polar bears go into hibernation. Therefore, the plan is probably gonna fail, unless Club Penguin hasn't done their research. Or if Herbert is a pregnant female polar bear... Hey, he's a little on the chubby side...