Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gary Says Everything Is Cool...

In the past few days, Rookie and Gary have been sending message back and forth on the Elite Spy Phone. Here's what they're chatting about:

August 5: Message from Rookie:

Hey everyone! It's been super duper quiet recently. What's going on? Anything new?

August 6: Message from Gary:

Nothing to report.

August 7: Message from Rookie:

Hey G! What's up with this party everyone's talking about? It says in the newspaper you're helping arrange it?

August 8: Message from Gary:

Just a little get together I'm helping out with. Nothing to report.

"Nothing to report"? But in the newspaper interview, Gary looked super nervous. There was even a crab in the picture! No, no, no... something is definitely up. But what can be so secret, that Gary has to keep it hidden from other agents?



  1. Cena maybe nothing was up with Gary cuz u no he is claustrophobic around a lot of people and that interview probably made him nervous.
    Herbert did something to Gary and that's why he is throwing a party,Klutsy was watching him to make sure he did every thing he was told, andhe had to report to the EPF members that nothing was going on so nothing became suspicious.

  2. No Cena he has to keep it secret from Rookie

  3. I think Gary could be planning something with Herbert and Klutzy!!!! Well, we will just have to wait for more details soon!


  4. maybe Gary won't tell rookie cuz rookie might say it again to the public