Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Club Penguin Welcome Video! HERBERT SPOTTED! Cena's Theory!

Club Penguin posted a new "welcome" video on their YouTube channel. Take a look:

Nice video! But wait... is that Herbert I see?!

I think I have something here. You see, a rumor has been going around that Herbert might attack the Lighthouse...

Thanks Monchocho for the image.

...do you think this video is giving us a clue? Herbert was even holding a wrench.

And he was looking straight at the Lighthouse!

Very, very interesting. I think something's up. Especially with the suspicious Great Snow Race party. Something big is coming agents. Be prepaed!

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  1. Dear Cena12121.

    True. He is. Because a glitched happend to me! (Maybe someone else to.) I was doing a feild op, When the feild op was over it said "You found a secret message from herbert!" "Its says "Klutzy! Get the power drill! we attack the lighthouse on thursday!" I waited until thurday but nothing happend! So just to give you a 'lil hint ;)

  2. I saw the it on tv and I saw Herbert too,I think it`s the Mission "Blackout" Think about there`s reason it`s called a lighthouse or he might destroy the lightbox in the Boiler Room it was found during a PSA Mission. -Hotwheels999

  3. cena12121 do you think that there will be a new missoin??????

  4. It's probably because the new system defender level... -.-

  5. Hey Cena, the video is a commercial! :-D I have seen it on Cartoon Network!


  6. @Aounymous, Nice theory! That did'nt happen cause I don't really care about field ops anymore (Wierd huh?)so Hope the new Operation: Blackout mission comes soon! ;)

  7. Cena,that is a very likely theory.Herbert is always tryng to destroy something.He ruined the PSA.He pretty much wont stop until Cp is GONE.

  8. the epf are stupid nothing happin in it