Monday, August 22, 2011

New EPF Message: August 22, 2011!

Elite Agents: You've received a new message on your Elite Spy Phone!

It's from the Director, and he says...

"CLASSIFIED: Using System Defender, we traced Herbert's location. We've blasted the area with cold air, which should make him hibernate."

Looks like everything is running smoothly with the Director's checklist. Next step: find Herbert during the Great Snow Race party and capture him!



  1. Cena we know we can hibernate herbert so we can capture him. But how can we get through klutzy the protobot the test bots and possibly that granpa crab thing? I don't think we can catch Herbert

  2. i already new about it it came at 10:30 am becuse i was online and i was looking at my spy pfone

  3. theres another new message

  4. i saw herbert at the tallest mountuotin

  5. lol its so cool i think in the missoin i think that the light house will be attacked