Thursday, August 18, 2011

New System Defender: Track Herbert!

ATTENTION ELITE AGENTS! The Elite Penguin Force mainframe is under attack! Head to the System Defender station immediately to play this new level!

Herbert and Klutlzy seem to be the attackers. Help stop them! This level is for nonmembers too!

STARTING TIP: Starting the game is tricky. The main thing is to put a PURPLE cannon at the location pictured below. It'll get you going.

While Herbert was attacking, Gary got to explain some stuff. He said that they've been expecting Herbert to attack. That's why the messaging system was insecure. But during the call, Gary did something real smart! He traced Herbert's location!

He's at the Toughest Mountain... THAT'S WHY GARY IS PLANING TO THE GREAT SNOW RACE PARTY! To catch Herbert in the mountains!

Our next mission is called Operation: Hibernation!

After you complete the level, you get this "Track Herbert" stamp.

Click here for System Defender cheats.



  1. New parent update

  2. CENA! The stamp book says you need 16 stamps to unlock the next picture. So will there be more levels?

  3. Thanks you Cena with your guide I finally beat it!!!