Sunday, October 23, 2011

Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party Cheats!

Happy Birthday Club Penguin! Today, our favorite virtual world turns six years old. To celebrate, Club Penguin is throwing a ONE DAY ONLY 6th Anniversary party.

The base of the party is at the Coffee Shop.

To find the 6th Year Party Hat:

Step 1. Go the Coffee Shop.
Step 2. Click on the needle. It will pop the balloons and give you the hat.

Head upstairs to the Book Room... check out the new 2010-2011 Yearbook!

Also, make sure to earn the Celebration stamp by clicking on the cake to blow out the candles.

Have fun celebrating Club Penguin's birthday everyone. Remember this party is one day only, just for October 24, 2011.

Oh by the way, Aunt Arctic is waddling around servers to celebrate the Anniversary party! Click here to track her with our Aunt Arctic tracker.



  1. Thanks Cena for posting this as early as possible


  2. Cena, can you please open your chat so a lot of people can help us track?! Please we need to find Gary and Aunt Arctic but its hard with only like 5 of us here tracking.

  3. Cena,I just wanted to tel lyou that your blog is purely awesome.5 years passed since you started the blog and yo uhaven't outgrown your love for CP yet.And this is incredible because me too,I turend 14 and I still play becausse it is part of my childhood.You have all of my support!Cya!