Saturday, October 22, 2011

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Cheats!

The much waited for Halloween party has just begun! Here are all the cheats and tips you'll need for the party.

There are three special party rooms at the Halloween party. All can be accessed through the Forest.

Secret Lab Room:
Go to the Forest, enter the Haunted House path, then enter the Secret Lab door.

Haunted House:
Go to the Forest, and enter the Haunted House path.

Here, you can the free Ghost Costume.

Dark Chamber Quest:
Go to the Forest and enter the Dark Chamber pathway to go to the Dark Chamber.

You have to find your way through the quest (click here for cheats) until you reach the Swamp Monster room. Here, you can even earn a free Swamp Monster outfit!

Not only that, but there's even a "Monster Maker" catalog.

It has some hidden items! Click here to find them.

Ghost Scavenger Hunt:
Have you found all the hidden ghosts yet? Click here for our ghost hunt guide to win a free background.

Party Stamps:

Trick-or-Treat stamp: To get this NEW stamp, visit 10 "trick-or-treat" igloos. You know, the igloo that looks like a neighborhood.

Monster Mash stamp: Wear a Halloween costume to earn the Monster Mash stamp.

Click here for Ghost Hunt cheats.
Click here for Dark Chamber cheats.
Click here for Gary tracker.



  1. You do not need to mess with the piano at all at the dark chamber. I just hit the button on the tree.

  2. Cena, you used old pics for a few!

  3. Don't forget there is also a free party hat at the coffee shop Cena!

  4. type in pumpkin1 and you will get a pumpkin in the unlock treasure box!!