Saturday, October 22, 2011

Club Penguin Halloween Igloo Contest 2011!

The Club Penguin Halloween igloo 2011 contest has begun!


Every year Club Penguin looks for the best igloos that are decorated for Halloween. You can decorate your igloo and submit it to Club Penguin. Judges will take a look at it, and if they like yours enough, you just might be one of the winners!


Step 1. Decorate your igloo. Spooky, silly, whatever Halloween means to you!

Step 2. Go to your igloo and click the 'Enter Contest' button. It will be gone on October 17, hurry!

Step 3. Press "Yes" to submit your igloo.

You've successfully entered your igloo in the contest!

REMEMBER: Don't change your igloo once you've submitted it!


20 grand prize winners will get:

• 50,000 coins!
• Their igloos featured in the Club Penguin Times!

20 Runner-Ups Will Receive:

• 25,000 coins!
• Their names featured in the Club Penguin Times!

Contest ends on October 25. Winners will be announced in the November 3rd issue of the Club Penguin Times.


1 comment:

  1. Hey peeps. I have 2 things to say. First i did enter my igloo to the contest so if you want to have a look then come to snowbound at my igloo on map.If you dont see it then a bug is happening. Second of all, Hi cena12121. Wanna meet on cp sometime and check out my igloo?