Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Card-Jitsu Party Sneak Peeks!

Happy77 has released another sneak peek of the Card-Jitsu party. It's a picture of the town:

Cool! I like the ground and the new stores look. I wonder what that "Free" sign is for...

I also have some more sneak peeks for you guys! I found these around the web:

New ClubPenguin.com homepage.
The beach.
The plaza.
I can't wait till this party starts! All Card-Jitsu games will be unlocked for nonmembers, and Sensei will be making a special appearance!

All the fun his starts this Thursday, November 24.



  1. cena- sensei this year is going to be easy this year, there is a new language group of servers that i think is german or dutch. There only like eight servers and sensei is going to be easy now!

  2. hey cena the party not working