Saturday, December 3, 2011

Club Penguin Short Clips: Sleeping Sensei and Coffee Shop Mixup!

This is really neat! Club Penguin has added two new videos to their YouTube page. These videos are different, that's because their are short cartoon clips!

Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei

What Happens When You Mix Coffee and Card-Jitsu?

Haha! My favorite is the Sleeping Sensei video. It's the first time Club Penguin added real voices to any of their work!

I hope to see more in the future! What's your favorite?



  1. Hi, Cena12121! I am your big fan. Can I ask you something? How did you put fire and water sign on your blog?

  2. LOL i love the sleeping Sensei video, and you're right, this IS the first time the penguins had voices, well thats all i had to say, i will always comment on your blog Cena12121, Waddle On!

    -Luigi Bro2

  3. Never Wake Up a Sleeping Sensei. Plus the coffee one is stupid

  4. Yeah I like the sleeping sensei one because its so funny and like Caroline said that the coffee one is stupid I was about to say the coffee one was VERY BAD LIKE A DOWN DOUBT

    - Lewis323 -