Friday, December 16, 2011

DONATE! Coins for Change 2011 Begins!

Club Penguin's annual Coins for Change event has begun for 2011!

Earn the Volunteer and Epic Volunteer stamps by donating during Coins for Change.

Here's how to participate in Coins for Change:

Step 1. Earn coins by playing Club Penguin games.
Step 2. Go to a donation station. There are stations at the Migrator, Beach, Ski Village, Town, and Plaza.

Step 3. Click on the donation center and a screen pops up. Club Penguin is giving away real two million dollars to three causes (Build safe places, protect the earth, and provide medical care). Pick a cause that you want to help; your votes will be used by Club Penguin to decide how the two million dollars will be divided.

Which cause did you donate too? Click here to tell me!



  1. I dinate 10.000 coins to medical assistance because I think that taking care of illneses can help a lot of people

  2. i donated 10,000 coins for 1 reasons: 1.Stamp 2.Helping the world! lol, does the second party stamp work for you Cena, it doesn't for me, well i'll wait for a reply back, Waddle On Cena12121!

    -Luigi Bro2

  3. I donated 60,000 in total, 20,000 for each cause.
    Because i really wanted to help those kids who are in needs.

  4. Heya i donated 5,000 coins plus im NOT a member

    The name was sposte to be ugh hmm aha hazelnut

  5. I donated 299,000 coins for the forest picture I played this game since I was small

  6. I donated coins for medical illness because it is important that people are alive and healthy.