Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rockhopper Arrives For Holiday Party 2011!

Captain Rockhopper has just docked the Migrator at the beach, right in time for the Holiday party!

He also got a brand new Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog. This time's free item for members and nonmembers is the Globe Hat.

The member items are the Build Safe Places T-Shirt for 100 coins, Protect The Earth T-Shirt for 100 coins, Provide Medical Help T-Shirt for 100 coins, CFC Beanbag Chair for 200 coins, and the Coins For Change Background for 60 coins.


To find the CFC Paper Chain:

Step 1. Click on word "Rare".

To find the Coins for Change Banner:

Step 1. Click on the house.

Click here to find Rockhopper with our famous Rockhopper Tracker!


1 comment:

  1. WOOO Merry Christmas Rockhopper, Lol Merry Christmas to you too Cena12121. i can't wait to track him with you, Waddle On Cena12121!

    -Luigi Bro2