Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clothing Catalog Makeover & Mysteries...

The Club Penguin team has added a new video to their YouTube channel. Watch!

The sneak peek video shows a new look to the Penguin Styles catalog!

But the strangest part of the video is at the end. It shows Happy77 at the Town. However, the town looks like it's been tilted... take a close look:

You can also see this sign on the left of the room.

Hmmm... it seems to take you to a water room of some sort. Speaking of water, the catalog is full of underwater gear, even some underwater backgrounds.

Whatever is going on, I'm sure it's taking place in the deep seas the Club Penguin island. But if it's a party, I sure hope the Submarine Party is returning!

What do you guys think is happening? Tell me!



  1. The picture on the sign looks like Atlantis.It's wierd how the room is tilted,it might just been a glitch or for an event.

  2. That is the underwater party

  3. Hmmm.... the expidition is on January somthin somthin, I think we will explore the underwater.

  4. That is the underwater party I know

  5. no party by rookie i have the feel'n !!!!

  6. I think they are going to return the Underwater Party and if im right thats good because i never went to that party before!

  7. Looks like the writing they used for`To be continued` may have something to do with card jitsu because they only need snow to finish the amulet.
    who knows we will just have to wait...

  8. Uh oh i hope Rookie didn't tilt the town xD

  9. maybe like an atlantis party that sort of tilted the island.
    that would explain the way it was tilted, the way the to be continued was at the end, and the sign