Sunday, January 1, 2012

Elite Agents & Tour Guides Payday - January 2012!

If you're a Elite Agent or a Tour Guide, you got a paycheck today for the month of January 2012!

Elite Agent paycheck:

Tour Guide paycheck:

Next paychecks come next month. Keep working hard Elite Agents and Tour Guides!

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  1. Yay pay day for us, lol i love getting paid for doing my job, Waddle On and Happy New Year Cena12121!

    -Luigi Bro2

  2. Just looked on Cena's BIO and I was wondering "Cena's a boy!?!"

  3. Hi there I am a CP Cheater, and I am having a party on the Server Sleet Room My Igloo. I was wondering if you, Cena12121, could come. I would be so happy if you would come!


    (P.S. The time for my party will be at 3 PM PST)

  4. cena will you be my buddy -leo374