Friday, February 24, 2012

Club Penguin Rockhopper's Quest Cheats!

Ahoy matey! Get ready to sail to new islands, as Rockhopper's Quest has begun!

Head to loading station, the Beach, and pick up the free Crew Cap.

UPDATE: Club Penguin has now replaced the Crew Cap item for a free Life Vest!

Now head inside to the Migrator to receive orders from Captain Rockhopper.

Rockhopper needs us to set up a beacon at Shipwreck Island. But to do so, we need to pick up supplies from two other islands first. Let's get started!

To make the Migrator go faster, stand on one of the five podiums. A target will pop up. Hit the target with a snowball and the Migrator will speed up.

You've landing at Swashbuckler Trading Post! Find the beacon building supplies.

Also check out the Swashbuckler clothing catalog.

Go back to the Migrator and set sail again. You've now reached Dinosaur Island. Get the gem.

Also check out the Dinosaur clothing catalog.

Hop back on the Migrator for your final trip. We are now at Shipwreck Island!

Click on the supplies three times to build the beacon.

Congrats! You received a free Shipwreck Beacon pin!


Members can also head into the Hall of Viking Lords cave.

You get the free Viking Lord Helmet...

...and the Viking Lord Armor.

Woohoo! And you've finished! If you head back to the Migrator, you'll see a big map that'll let you visit these islands anytime.

And that sums up Rockhopper's Quest! I think this Club Penguin event was awesome! I loved exploring and sailing to new islands. Post your comments and tell me what you liked.



  1. Hey Cena12121 its me Stub990 i was following you today. i wanted to let u know ur awesome and i had fun with u. BYE!

  2. Thanks!! This really helped,Cena xx

  3. I loved it and I also think it is the best party ever!!!

  4. WOOO BEST ADVENTURE YET! This adventure was really fun doing, thanks for helping Cena12121, i didn't know I found all the secrets but I did XD.
    Waddle On Cena12121!

    -Luigi Bro2

  5. Really helped!!!!!!! Thanks!

  6. i couldnt go on any islands i had to do the missin all over again!!!! but thanks anyways

  7. i couldn't go inside because i9 wasnt a member

  8. Thanks for helping I FINALLY GOT THE VIKING ARMOUR AND HAT. :)